● Successfully apply Long range Analog Wireless Video Transmission System in widely and every industry.


● Emergency wireless communication system development.


● OFDM Wireless Video Transmission System Development.

● Award of Shanghai The Most Dynamic Technology Enterprise.


● Digital Wireless Video Transmission System Development.

● COFDM Wireless Video Link Development.


● Successfully support an important sport event living video broadcasting using with own developed full hd wireless video transmission system.

● Sample Testing of Emergency Communication System Version 1.0.


● Emergency Communication System Applied in Rescuse Filed.

● Successfully applied the long range digital wireless data link in harsh ocean environment.

● Development of special video downlink system for UAV.

● Development of ultra short delay Video codec system.


● Supplied Wireless Video Transmitter for Disaster(12·20 Shenzhen landslides).

● High Frequency IP MESH Radio Links Development.

● UAV Video Transmitter Experiment.


● Award of High-tech enterprise certificate.

● Low Frequency IP MESH Wireless Transmitter Development.

● Design Handheld Type and Manpack Type MESH Links.

● Award of Shanghai Pilot Enterprise in Patent Operation.

● Development 50km Range UAV HD Video Transmitter.

● Award of Shanghai excellent software products.


● Testing the Long Range Video Downlink with VTOL in Mongolia and get 70km Range with HD Real Time Vieo.

● Portable One Box LTE Base Station versio 2.0 Development.

● Participate in Building Intelligent City.

● Development Vehicle Type COFDM Video Transmitter.

● Development Vehicle Mounted IP MESH Link.

● Supply Digital Wireless Communication System for military.

● 120Mbps IP MESH Module Development.


● Participate in The Project to Develp Portable On-board LTE Base Station for Fighting The COVID-19.

● Cooperated with ASELSAN.

● Supply of Portable One Box LTE Base Station for SWAT.

● Delivery of Vehicle Mounted MESH Link.

● Delivery of Drone Video Transmitter for 150km.

● Development Maritime Over-the-Horizon Wireless Transmission Device.

● Applied Mini Nlos Video Transmitter for Explosive-handling Robot.

● Foundation of Indonesia Branch.


● Update Handheld IP MESH Design.

● Delivery Handheld IP MESH Radios to Police Department.

● Delivery of 150km Drone Video Transmitter for inspection of Oil pipeline.

● Implementation of the Railway Tunnel Emergency Communications System Project.

● Foundation of Xiamen Branch.

● Business Agreement NDA & MOU Signed.

● Get CE Certificate.

● Certification of Venture Company.

● Underground Long Range Communication Experiment.

● Long Range Video Transmission oversea Experient.

● Handheld IP MESH Works in Mountains Envrionment Experient.

● Delivery Small Communication Module to Robotics Factory.

● Compatible with NAVIDIA IPC for VR.

● Successful Implementation VR Robotics Project.


● Get TELEC Certification.

● Change Company Name From IFLY to IWAVE.

● Designation of Excellent Products(FD-615PTM).

● Development Software of IP MESH.

● Updating 20watts Vehicle Type IP MESH.

● Delivery Mini MESH Board FD-6100 to ASELSAN.

● Delivery Portable One Box MESH Base Station.