FD-615VT Testing Report-Long Range NLOS Vehicles to Vehicles Video and Voice Communication



IWAVE IP MESH vehicular radio solutions offer broadband video communication and narrowband real time voice communication function to users in challenging, dynamic NLOS environments, as well as for BVLOS operations. It makes the mobile vehicles turned into powerful mobile network nodes. IWAVE vehicle communication system make individuals, vehicles, Robotics and UAV connected with each other. We are entering the age of collaborative combat where everything is connected. Because the real-time information has the power to enable leaders to make better decisions one-step ahead and assured of victory.

In Sept 2021, IWAVE was chosen as a provider to set up a secure, non-of-sight wireless link-on-demand to enable front line responders to communicate with on-site command center in complicated city environment. The network deployment is flexible and rapidly. Depend on this requirement, IWAVE did a pre-testing in a big city in south of China with high buildings.


Items for this testing

Date Model Description Quantity
2021-09-13 FD-615VT Vehicle mounted IP MESH video transmission system 3units
Antenna Fiber Glass Omni Antenna 5dbi 2pcs
Antenna Fiber Glass Omni Antenna 7dbi 4pcs
Tripod 3Meters High Tripod 1Unit
IP Camera hkvision IP camera 1080P 2Pcs
Laptop Huawei Laptop 1Pcs
Battery Lithium battery 6Pcs


FD-615VT: 10Watts Vehicle mounted IP MESH video transmission system
Frequency 1437.9Mhz Bandwidth  20Mhz
Transmitting Power 40dBm TDD 1D4U(Downlink:Uplink=1:4)
Data Rate 2Mbps HEVC H.265
Definition 1080p Frame Rate 25fps

Monitor Center Location

Latitude 26°02'37"N Antenna 7dBi Omni Fiber Glass Antenna
Longitude 119°21'17"E Antenna Length 60cm
Altitude 5.1meters Connection Connected with PC for configuration and video monitoring

Communication Topology


Two units vehicles carried with 10watts wireless IP MESH link connected with IP camera fast moves inside the city. Both HD 1080P video streaming from IP camera were wirelessly transmitted to the monitor center. And all the people in monitor center and inside vehicles can voice communicate with each other in real time via push to talk.


The final NLOS communication range is 7.9km(vehicle 1) and 7.3km(vehicle 2). During this testing, the antenna of monitor center is about 5.1km above ground. If the antenna put higher, the communication distance will much longer. In the testing, we only use 3units MESH nodes, in practical application, this communication mesh network system can keep the UGV, UAV, other type unmanned ground vehicles and individuals connected with each other for data, video, audio and GPS information collected and shared between them.

For more details of the testing process and video quality, please watch the video.


Sudden disasters can be unpredictable and avoided only by responding quickly and minimizing casualties. Infrastructure may also be damaged. There is no communication network. Therefore, the most urgent need to set up a temporary communication network for search and rescue personnel to quickly respond to the precious multimedia information to the headquarters.

IWAVE vehicle to vehicle communication solutions are based on IP network and designed to sustain the harsh environmental conditions of vehicles:

Strong MESH ability communication: to keep first responders connected and secure.
Audio: to provide voice,data distribution, video tracking.
GPS/Beidou: share situational awareness.
Satellite communications integration: On the move or on the pause, to guarantee secured long-range connectivity & resiliency
Dispatching and command platform: to analyse and share information from command centres to units deployed onsite.

Post time: Mar-08-2024