IWAVE IP MESH Solution for Drone Swarm Beyond Visual Communications



A coastal defense forces need a rapid deployment communication system transmitting video, audio and document during they performing daily tasks in place without network coverage.

IWAVE provide a long range IP MESH solution, which make the drones in air and unmanned surface vessels in ocean build a big and dynamic communication network.



Coastal Defense Department


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The coastline is more than 10,000 kilometers long. Except for key areas, it is difficult to conduct comprehensive real-time wireless network coverage. When coastal defense forces perform daily tasks in areas not covered by the network, they need a rapid deployment communication systems. It can enable seamless connection between various units, and quickly transmission of video, command and voice intercom to ensure efficient, fast and safe execution of coastal defense tasks.


Data Transmission Requirements and Available Connectivity Technologies

The communication network is required scalable, bidirectional communication for remote-controlling autonomous vessels and drones. During application, the quantity of vessels and drone will be increase and decrease at any time. So that network need to be fast adaptive, stable and reliable.

Drone swarm

All the vessels and drones were operated over ocean. The working environment is very complex. The big sea wave and wind will make the vessels and drones shake violently during moving, which requires all the wireless radio links are good at anti-shake. And the heavy salty and high humidity environment also need the MANET Mesh Radio waterproof and anti-salty.

Besides the hd video transmission, there are different kinds of sensor on vessels to monitor the temperature, humidity, wind speed and other data. All these data required to be transmitted by the IP MMESH wireless link.

wireless link for coastal police
Drone swarm wireless link

Thecoastal defense officers also required poeple in monitor center can real time voice talk with people on the guard boat. And GPS local the drone, boat location


Distance between drone is about 10km-15km and range between vessels is about 3-5km. Each drone will carry a 200mw IWAVE IP MESH wireless transmission module.

And the vessels on ocean will be built in a 2watts MESH Nodes.

All the communication is full duplex for TCPIP, UDP and control data for remote controlling these autonomous vehicles.


Each modules was connected with video capture machine on board or PC on board for data output and analysis. IWAVE wireless IP mesh modules support pass through IP data transmission. Which enable different kinds of sensor data to be accessed to and transmitted.


This solution offers a stable and scalable nework, each node can leave or join in the network at any time. The whole data rate is about 30Mbps. IWAVE MESH management software also show users the real time topology for checking the RSSI, SNR and etc.


Encryption AES128 make the wireless link is safe and reliable for transmitting different kind data and information.


More Efficient Communication At Blind Spot

This mobile MESH communication system can work any where required. Once special event happened, the officers can quickly can the information and keep the real time video recording. With the drone swarm and multiple units vessels, a big area can be monitoring in real time, which ensure efficient, fast and safe execution of coastal defense tasks.

Fast Deployment

The system allows dispatchers deploy it any place required and best able to respond to an incident. Dispatching time has been cut to 10-15 minutes.


Faster Processing of Crime Cases

The digital MIMO wireless system speeds up the case-handling process for faster and more efficient crime resolution.


Easy Access to Documents and Reports

The long range digital communication system makes it easier to track relevant calls and crime reports, simplifying the whole process.

Post time: May-26-2023