Top 5 Reasons For IWAVE Wireless Communication Solution


Natural disasters are sudden, random, and highly destructive. Huge human and property losses can be caused in a short period of time. Therefore, once a disaster occurs, firefighters must take measures to deal with it very quickly.
According to the guiding idea of the "13th Five-Year Plan for Fire Informatization", combined with the actual needs of fire protection work and troop construction, build a wireless emergency communication system, achieve the comprehensive coverage of the wireless emergency communication system for the rescue of major disaster accidents and geological disasters in all cities and detachments across the country, and comprehensively improve the emergency communication support capacity of the fire brigade at the scene of the accident.


Nowadays, high-rise buildings, underground shopping malls, garages, subway tunnels and other high-risk buildings in the city are increasing. After fire, earthquake and other accidents, it is difficult for traditional wireless communication technology to ensure the stability of the communication network when the communication signal is seriously blocked by the building. At the same time, there may be explosions, toxic and harmful gases and other situations that endanger the safety of fire rescue personnel at the fire scene, The personal safety of firefighters cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is urgent to build a fast, accurate, safe and reliable wireless communication system.

emergency communication system


IWAVE Wireless Emergency Communication Station adopts COFDM modulation and demodulation technology, which has strong ability to resist complex channel environment. In areas that are difficult to cover by traditional wireless communication, such as inside high-rise buildings or basements, a non-central multi-hop ad hoc network can be built by single soldiers, drones, etc., and various tasks such as fire scene environmental information collection, wireless link relay and high-definition video return transmission can be flexibly completed by means of relay and forwarding, and the communication link from the fire scene to the headquarters can be quickly built to ensure the efficient command and coordination of disaster relief work and ensure the personal safety of rescuers to the greatest extent.


Five good reasons for IWAVE Communication:
MESH series communication radio stations have the following five advantages.


1. Multiple product lines:
IWAVE's emergency communication product line includes individual soldier radios, vehicle-mounted carry radios, MESH base stations/relays, UAV airborne radios, etc., with strong adaptability, practicality and ease of use. It can quickly form a centerless network without relying on public facilities (public electricity, public network, etc.) through free networking between ad hoc network products.


2. High Reliability
The wireless MESH ad hoc network mobile base station adopts military standard design, which has the characteristics of portability, ruggedness, waterproof, and dustproof, which meets the communication needs of rapid deployment of emergency sites in various harsh environments. The system is a non-central co-channel system, all nodes have equal status, a single frequency point supports TDD two-way communication, simple frequency management, and high spectrum utilization. AP nodes in IWAVE Wireless MESH network have the characteristics of self-organizing network and self-healing, and usually have multiple available links, which can effectively avoid single points of failure.


3. Easy Deployment
In an emergency, how to quickly and accurately grasp the real-time information at the scene of the incident is crucial to whether the commander can make correct judgments. IWAVE Wireless MESH ad hoc network high-performance portable base station, using the same frequency networking, can simplify on-site configuration and deployment difficulty, and meet the requirements of rapid network construction and zero configuration of warfighters under emergency conditions.


4. High data bandwidth for fast movement
The peak data bandwidth of the IWAVE MESH wireless ad hoc network system is 30Mbps. Nodes have non-fixed mobile transmission capabilities, and fast movement does not affect high-data competing services, such as voice, data, and video services will not be affected by rapid changes in system topology and high-speed terminal movements.


5. Security and confidentiality
IWAVE wireless emergency communication system also has a variety of encryption methods such as marshalling encryption (working frequency, carrier bandwidth, communication distance, networking mode, MESHID etc.), DES/AES128/AES256 channel transmission encryption and source encryption to ensure the security of information transmission; Private network is dedicated to effectively prevent illegal device intrusion and interception and cracking of transmitted information, ensuring a high degree of network and information security.

Post time: Feb-01-2023