Airborne 4g lte Base Station Fast Deployment For Emergency Long Range Video and Voice Communication

Model: Patron-X10

Patron-X10 from IWAVE is an advanced airborne LTE compact eNodeB products with special design light weight and small size for drone. It is always deployed on a tethered drone for ensuring 24hours 4G LTE network during emergency event.

Patron-X10 operates in TDD mode and provide users with multimedia trunking, video and voice, and video surveillance efficiently and cheaply.

Fast deployed on tethered drone within 10minutes and cover more than radius 20km area. The solution significantly improves dispatch efficiency and quick response capability at lower cost.

Product Detail


Plug and Play Solution

All-in-one compact design: Integrates the functions of a Core Network (CN) device, base station, and dispatching system into a compact chassis.

Rapid Deployment

10mins fast deployment: Ideal for fast deploy a critical communication system in the field where the public communications network is down or events and emergency situations experience weak signals.


Multiple frequencies 400MH/600MHz/1.4GHz/1.8GHz

Rugged devices with more than 20km radius coverage.

High Performance

provides voice and dispatching, offers video uploading and simultaneous distribution to all members of the same call group, and is applicable to many industries.

Wide Coverage

Cover radius≥20km area when deployed on a tethered drone in air with 100meters above ground


LTE Base Station 03

●No need on indoor equipment

●Easy maintenance and quick installation

● Supports 5/10/15/20 MHz bandwidth

●10Watts and 15wattts RF power for option

●Ultra Broadband Access 80Mbps DL and 30Mbps UL

●200 active users


●Public Safety Management

●VIP Security

●Disaster Relief

Airborne TD-LTE Base Station


Frequency Bands 400Mhz: 400Mhz-430Mhz
600Mhz: 566Mhz-626Mhz, 606Mhz-678Mhz
1.4Ghz: 1447Mhz-1467Mhz
1.8Ghz: 1785Mhz-1805Mhz
Channel Bandwidth 5/10/15/20 MHz
Max Output Power 15Watts
Power Supply 48V DC or 220V AC
Power Consumption 150watts
Receive Sensitivity < -104dBm
MIMO 2x2
Installation Drone Mount
Dimensions 330*260*110mm
Weight 5.5kg
Users 200
Working Temperature -20°C ~60°C
Throughput DL: ≤80mbps
UL: ≤30mbp

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