30km Drones Video Transmitter for HDMI camera 1080P Video and Telemetry Mavlink Data

Model: FIM-2430

FIM-2430 is a drone video transmitter for 30-35km long distance with full HD video and duplex TTL data transmitting. It brings broadcast quality and robustness standards to the rapidly evolving and diversifying UAV aerial video arena. It is a professional UAV HD video link with the features lightweight, compact and robust. The air unit is only 146gram(5.1oz). Both air unit and ground unit equipped with omni fiber antenna can ensure the 30-35km air to ground range with 1080P video feed.

Working frequency 2.405-2.479Ghz is adjustable by software. 

Various ports with HDMI, LAN and full duplex serial port enable users to apply different payloads on drone.

Short latency with 50ms latency for 1080P video.

Product Detail


➢Low delay 50ms for 1080P video feed

➢Lightweight companct design: 146g for air unit and ground unit

➢Support full HD 1080P video quality                            

➢High security with AES128bits encryption

➢COFDM modulation

➢Support pixhawk 2 /cube/v2.4.8/4 , Apm 2.8

➢Built-in with HDMI and LAN port

➢Adjustable frequency, RF power and bandwidth

➢H.264+h.265 and MPEG2 coding

➢Offering control, telemetry and payload, video Bi-directional transmission in 1 RF channel for 30km

➢Long transmission distance and strong diffraction capability, real-time and low latency, high-speed connectivity.

➢CNC technology double aluminum alloy housings featured, good impact resistance and heat dissipation.

30km uav video link

Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM)
Effectively eliminate multipath interference under long-distance transmission, solve the efficiency problem and ensure the reliability of long range wireless transmission.


Low Latency
The total latency from mirror to mirror could be less than 33ms.
Each frame is encoded to nearly same size to guranteethere is no additional latency in wireless channel caused by large I frame.
CABAC entropy encoding and high compression rate to ensure high video quality at low bitrate
Ultra fast decoding to display engine.


Long Range Communication
Advanced modulation, High performance PA, FEC alogrithm and ultra sensitive receiver RF module.


-40℃~+85℃ Working Temperature
All chipset, electronic parts and components are industrial grade tolerating -40℃~85℃

Various Ports

FIM-2430 drone hdmi video transmitter is equpped with HDMI, LAN and full duplex serial port. By these ports, uers can get living video and control the flight on ground via mission planner or QGround simultaneously.



Special designed for UAV air to ground LOS 30km HD video and flight control data transmitting for aerial photography, News, sports events, hidden investigation, video surveillance, real-time wireless video transmission and other fields.

Ideal for medium and large long-distance UAVs such as Multi-rotor UAVs, Fixed-wing UAVs, and VTOL Fixed Wing UAV etc.




Frequency 2.4GHz (2.402-2.482GHz)
Error Detection LDPC FEC/Video H.264/265 Super Error Correction
RF Transmitted Power 33dbm
Power Consumption TX: 19Watts/RX: 8Watts
Distance 25-35km(Notes: True distance is related to the environment)
Bandwidth 4/8MHz
Antenna 1T: Omnidirectional Antennas
1R: Omnidirectional Antennas or Panel Antenna
Video Input/output On board HDMI mini TX/RX or FFC convert to HDMI-A TX/RX
Video Color Space Default 4:2:0
Video Compressed AVC adds H.265 feature TS stream
Encryption AES128
Transmission Mode point to point
Start-up time 25s
Re-connection time Less than 1s after signal has been recovered
End to End Latency 50-70ms for1080P60/720P60 Encoding and decoding
Transmission Rate 3/6Mbps
Receive Sensitivity -98dbm@4Mhz
Two-way function Support video and duplex data simultaneously
Data Support TTL/MAVLINK/Telemetry
Interface 1080P/60 HDMI Mini ×1
Antenna ×1
S1 TTL bidirectional serial port ×1
RS 232 bidirectional serial port ×1(RS 232 and S1 TTL serial port cannot be used at same time)
Ethernet to RJ45 on Windows ×1
Power Input ×1
Indicator Light HDMI input/output Status(WL Light)
Signal Strength Indicator( 1, 2, 3)
Connection Status Indicator(5, 6)
Video circuit board Work Indicator(4)
Power light
HDMI HDMI mini/Flexible Flat Cable(FFC)
Metal Case Design CNC technology
Double aluminum alloy shell
Conductive anodizing craft
Power supply DC7- 18V (DC12V advised)
Temperature Range Operating temperature: -40°C ~+85°C
Storage temperature: -55°C ~ +85°C
Dimension Tx/Rx: 74.6×72.9x22.5mm
Weight Tx/Rx 146g

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