50km Long Range VTOL HDMI Video Transmitter UHF Radio Link for Drone

Model: Model: FIM-1440

FIM-1440 VTOL HDMI Video Transmitter is developed based on COFDM technology with 300Mhz-2Ghz wide frequency option. This unique feature gives FIM-1440 an ability to transmit the 1080p 60fps video stream at 50ms low latency.

Equipped with the standard omni fiber antenna, FIM-1440′s effective range can reach up to 50-70km. FIM-1440 long range drone transmitter is an high cost effective video link. It only supports HDMI video input and output without control data.

We supply a whole complete system including transmitter on drones, receiver on ground, antennas and data cables, parameters configuration software, HDMI cable, power cable.

Product Detail


50km long range Reciever

● 50-70km+ LOS range Air to ground

UHF (ultra-high frequency) product.300Mhz-2Ghz for customization, Multiple frequencies can be selected and strong penetrate ability for barriers.

Full 1080P HD real-time video, Embedded bi-directional data link.

Encrypted Transmission. Adopt AES128 for the video encryption ensure no one unauthorized can intercept your video feed.

HDMI Port for Video input and output


●Antennas (transmitter and Receiver) easily connected through the SMA Port interface.


●One 1/4inch fixed Port connect Camera steady.


●One 100Mbps Ethernet Port for video output, and it supports TCP/IP/UDP.


● Conductive anodizing craft and CNC technology double aluminum alloy Shell have good impact resistance. Two cooling fans help heat dissipation.


●Mini size and Light weight only 200grams


50km long range transmitter




FIM-1440 is an COFDM Drone Video Transmitter that provides robust video for Drones, Long-Range Fixed Wing Drones, VTOL Airframes, Tandem-Wing UAV, in line of sight (LOS)conditions.It is flexible applied to the fields of long-distance UAV oil and gas Pipeline inspection, unmanned ground vehicles survey, geography, and mapping and so on.


Wireless Channel 300Mhz-2Ghz for your option
Communication Bandwidth 2/4/8MHZ
RF Transmission Power 2.5W
Data Rates 1.5/3/6Mbps
RX Sensitivity -108dbm@2Mhz/-103dbm@4Mhz/-97dbm@8Mhz
Encryption AES128
End to End latency 50-70ms for 1080P60/720P60 encoding and decoding
Interfaces on Tx 1080P60 HDMI RX×1
  Power Input Interface--XT30 Industrial Grade ×1
  USB 2.0--Connecting with PC for configure
  SMA RF ×1
Interfaces on Rx 1080P60 HDMI Mini ×1
  LCD--Displaying RSSI and link state.
  Buttons×5--For configuring receiver model.
  Power Input Interface--XT60 Industrial Grade ×1
  SMA RF ×1
  Ethernet to RJ45 ×1
Wireless Fault Tolerance FEC/MPEG
Modulation DVB-T/DVB-T2/DVB-T2
Distance Range Air to ground: 50-70kmNotes: True distance is related to the environment.
  Ground to ground: NLOS 1-2km
Start Time 5s
Power Input DC 14-18V(Tx) (DC16V is suggested)DC 10-14V(Rx) (DC12V is suggested)
Re-connection time Less than 1s after signal has been recovered
COFDM QPSK one-way
Power Consumption (Maximum) Transmitter terminal: 25W  Receiver terminal: 11W
Temperature Range Operating temperature: -40—85℃Storage temperature: -55 - 125℃
Dimensions TX: 97×57x30mm
RX: 91×72x30mm
Radiator Fan cooler or aluminum heat sink
Gram TX: 200g
RX: 202g
Metal Case Conductive anodizing craft
  CNC Technology
  Double Aluminum Alloy Shell

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