How to collaborate with your teammates in a remote areas without 4G coverage?


When disaster attached people, the wireless communications infrastructure in some remote areas may not be enough. So radios for keeping first responders connected should not be affected by power outages or telecommunications failures caused by natural disasters.

In the circumstances, a rapid deployment wireless scalable communication network is essential for keeping people connected and informed decisions when responding to fast-changing situations. Public safety and utilities always have traditionally deployed narrowband mobile radio systems based on instant PTT voice services for their critical communications.


However, the development of new technologies, people now need more than just voice and messaging. Trunking video, high-speed data transfer and multimedia dispatch services are now also considered essential for disaster recovery and rescuing lives

IWAVE has launched its IP MESH solutions to build up a stable video and voice communication network in below situation:

Wireless Mesh Communications

● No 3G/4G coverage

● Limitation o satellite links(cost, bandwidth, etc.)

● Private network is necessary

● Public network congestion


Even in harsh environment, some users still need an long distance instant network coverage, such as law enforcement department, first responders, emergency communication, etc.

What benefits can WIAVE IP MESH radio bring for you?


● Rapidly deploy a broadband communication network.

● Data throughput up to 25Mbps for video, image, voice and data communication

● High sensitivity<-106dBm strong nlos ability for users to work smoothly in complex and harsh environment.

● Support max 32nodes in single network and each node can freely join in and leave the network, which enable the max flexibility and motility for performing a task.

● Widely adjustable frequency 800Mhz, 1.4Ghz and 2.4Ghz for option.

● IP base network, easy to be integrated into other IP device.


Base on OFDM and TD-LTE technology and optimized networking algorithm, IWAVE mesh system provides an ideal solution to build up a self-forming, self-healing wireless network, which can provide high data throughput(up to 30mbps@20MHz), while it's NLOS performance can resist obstacle for 1-3km NLOS range in underground, dense forest, mountains and crowed urban environment.



IWAVE IP MESH system enables higher levels of security and reliability as it supports not only standard AES 128 encryption but also support ZUC/SNOW3G for your option. And it is a private network doesnt rely on any cellular network.


Variety Types to meet different Application

IWAVE mesh radio is ideal for wireless video surveillance system, emergency IP network, etc. In order to fulfil requirements from different customers, we build different enclosures include OEM board for easy integration, handheld, car node,onboard type for helicopter and big drone, all of them can be deploy in hash environment.


The major benefit of deploying the TD-LTE standard-based IWAVE IP MESH solution is that enable our MESH solution has the best sensitivity as a smart mobile phone.

It can get -106dbm@3Mhz, and -100dbm@20Mhz. It features IWAVE mesh radios works perfect in non line of sight environment. Thats IWAVE IP MESH products is always applied in underground tunnels, mountains and underground subway for for patrol people.


Multimedia dispatch services

IWAVE visual command and dispatch platform collects audio and video data, location information and other data of IP MESH node. So that the head officers and know who is speaking and where is he.

Dispatching Platform

Typical application:

● Communication system for law enforcement

● Instant establishment of IP network

● Grid-free video surveillance

Post time: May-30-2023