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Jincheng New Energy Materials needed to update the legacy manual inspection to unmanned robotics system inspection of the energy material transfer pipeline in occluded and very complex environments at its mining and processing plant. IWAVE wireless communication solution not only delivered the wider coverage, increased capacity, better video and data real-time services required, but it was also enable the robotic to do simple maintenance activities or surveys on the pipe.



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The transportation pipelines can be as short as hundreds of meters or as long as several kilometers. It is impossible to grasp the operating status of pipelines in real time simply by relying on inspection personnel. Therefore, manual inspections and autonomous unmanned ground vehicles inspections are required to conduct dynamic inspections and online monitoring of underground pipe corridors.


Due to the special internal environmental structure of the pipe gallery, the long distance and narrow confinement, there are problems such as signal transmission obstruction and signal blind spots. In order to ensure that voice, video, sensor data in the pipe gallery and other data are wirelessly transmitted back to the monitor center in real time and effectively during inspection, so it is necessary to build a wireless network communication system with strong stability, simple management, and high security.

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The Jincheng plant require the wireless communication system has the following features:

●Industrial-grade design ensures long-term stable operation in pipe gallery environment.
●Good non-line-of-sight capability for mobile communication.
●Rich QOS mechanism to ensure the normal transmission of multi-application services in the pipe gallery.
●Provide enough bandwidth to allow the monitoring center to obtain high-definition video streams.
●Provide a reliable redundant network or optical bypass protection network, so that the entire communication network can quickly recover when a failure occurs.
●Wireless signals are evenly covered in the corridor to avoid communication blind spots.
●Achieve fast and seamless roaming and ensure real-time and stable data transmission.
●Build an scalable wireless network to meet the later expansion needs of the pipe gallery.


Wireless Network Solution for Pipeline

The pipeline is divided into 1-6 sections according to the site conditions:
Section 1: 1858 meters
Section 2: 6084 meters
Section 3: 3466 meters
Section 4: 1368 meters
Section 5: 403 meters
Section 6: 741 meters
The inspection route is as follows:
Section 1: Single pipeline inspection, a track is set up along one side of the pipeline, and the inspection robot completes the pipeline inspection along the track.
Sections 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6: Dual pipeline inspection, a linear track is set up along the middle of the pipeline, and the inspection robot walks back and forth to complete the inspection of the two pipelines.

Section 1-6 are on different floors. Therefore, the communication between segments is non-line-of-sight. The robot needs to perform seamless roaming switching between different nodes and upload data and video to the monitoring center in real time.

Based on the above information, IWAVE designed a high-power MESH communication solution. The scheme design is as follows:

Each inspection robot is equipped with IWAVE high-power MESH vehicle-mounted transmission terminal
Section 1: 2 sets 2W IP MESH Radio Link
Section 2: 3 sets 2W IP MESH Radio Link
Section 3: 2 sets 2W IP MESH Radio Link
Section 4: 1 set 2W IP MESH Radio Link
Section 5: 1 set 2W IP MESH Radio Link
Section 6: 1 set 2W IP MESH Radio Link


MIMO IP MESH solution help users set up a wireless secure scalable communication network to meet the later expansion needs of the pipe gallery.
And mobile communication systems has the following features:
●Full coverage communication network of the area
●Big capacity for data and hd video stream
●High utilization efficiency of the spectrum
●Reduce base station transmit power, save system costs, and reduce inter-signal interference and electromagnetic environmental pollution.
●Fast deployment and greatly reduces the cost of network building up.
●Low latency
●Automatically scans surrounding operating frequencies and selects the frequency with the least noise/interferenc

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