Secure Wireless UGV/Drone Data Links for NLOS Communications

Model: FDM-66MN

FDM-66MN is the most advanced broadband digital data link designed for mobile robotics and unmanned systems. It provides a secure wireless link in triple frequency 800Mhz/1.4Ghz/2.4Ghz management software selectable.


FDM-66MN provides a long-range and high-throughput wireless video and telemetry communications between one or more mobile units and a control station in off-grid and disconnected environments.


Obtain serial port information via IP allows one control station to control multiple mobile robotics. It is particularly suited to use on swarming drones, UGV, unmanded vehicles and other short to medium range robotics applications.


60*55*5.7mm size makes it the smallest OEM wideband radio module and ideal candidate for system integration into small unmanned systems to perform in challenging environments, like indoor inspection of buildings or tunnels.

Product Detail


High Data Rate

●Uplink and downlink 30Mbps

Long Communication Distance
● -Line of Sight (NLOS) and mobile environments: 500meters-3km
● Air to ground line of sight: 10-15km
● Extend the communication distance via adding power amplifier
●External RF amplifiers support (provision for manual)
High Security
●Using proprietary waveforms in addition to AES 128 encryption
Easy Integration
● With standard interfaces and protocols
● 3*Ethernet port for connecting external IP devices
● OEM module for easy integration into various platform, and a standalone connectivity solution.

API Document Provided

●FDM-66MN provides API for compatible with different operating systems and platforms

Low Latency

Slave node - master node transmission delay <=30ms

Unrivaled Sensitivity


Spread Spectrum

Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS), adaptive modulation and adaptive transmitting RF power are the best combination for immunity to noise and interference.

Software Management and WebUI

●FDM-66MN can be configured using a complete install-based software interface. And the WebUI is a browser based configuration method for uses to remotely or locally configure parameters, network settings, security, monitoring topology, SNR, RSSI, distance, etc.


The smallest OME Radio Module
●FDM-66MN is the ultra-miniature digital video transceiver with dimension 60*55*5.7mm and weight 26gram. The mini size make it ideal for weight and space sensitive applications such as small drone or UGV platforms.

 Adjustable Transmitting Power

●Software selectable output power from -40dBm to 25±2dBm

A Rich Sef of Interface Options
● 3*Ethernet port
● 2*Full duplex RS232
● 2*Power input port
● 1*USB for debugging

Wide Power Input Voltage
●Wide power input DC5-32V to avoid the burning out when input wrong voltage

Interface Definition

FDM-66MN interface definition
J30JZ Definition:
Pin Name Pin Name Name Pin
1 TX0+ 10 D+ 19 COM_RX
2 TX0- 11 D- 20 UART0_TX
3 GND 12 GND 21 UART0_RX
4 TX4- 13 DC VIN 22 BOOT
5 TX4+ 14 RX0+ 23 VBAT
6 RX4- 15 RX0- 24 GND
7 RX4+ 16 RS232_TX 25 DC VIN
8 GND 17 RS232_RX
PH1.25 4PIN Definition:
Pin Name
1 RX3-
2 RX3+
3 TX3-
4 TX3+


The miniature, lightweight and software-defined radio link module is a reliable communication partner for unmanned applications for Unmanned BVLoS missions, UGV, Robotics, UAS and USV. The high speed, long range capabilities of FDM-66MN allow simultaneous high quality duplex transmission of multiple full HD video feed and control \ telemetry data. With external power amplifer, it can provides a 100km-150km long rang. Even work in crowded city non-line-of-sight environment, it can also ensure more 20km communication distance.

UAV Swarm Communication link


Technology Wireless base on TD-LTE Wireless technology standard
Encryption ZUC/SNOW3G/AES(128/256) OptionalLayer-2
Data Rate 30Mbps(Uplink and Downlink)
Adaptive average distribution of system data rate
Support users to set speed limit
Range 10km-15km(Air to ground)
500m-3km(NLOS Ground to ground)
Capacity 16nodes
Bandwidth 1.4MHz/3MHz/5MHz/10MHz/20MHz
Power 25dBm±2 (2w or 10w on request)
All nodes automatically adjust the transmitting power
Modulation QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM
Anti-Jamming Automatically Cross-Band frequency hopping
Power Consumption Average: 4-4.5Watts
Max: 8Watts
Power Input DC5V-32V
Receiver Sensitivity Sensitivity(BLER≤3%)
2.4GHZ 20MHZ -99dBm 1.4Ghz 10MHz -91dBm(10Mbps)
10MHZ -103dBm 10MHz -96dBm(5Mbps)
5MHZ -104dBm 5MHz -82dBm(10Mbps)
3MHZ -106dBm 5MHz -91dBm(5Mbps)
1.4GHZ 20MHZ -100dBm 3MHz -86dBm(5Mbps)
10MHZ -103dBm 3MHz -97dBm(2Mbps)
5MHZ -104dBm 2MHz -84dBm(2Mbps)
3MHZ -106dBm 800Mhz 10MHz -91dBm(10Mbps)
800MHZ 20MHZ -100dBm 10MHz -97dBm(5Mbps)
10MHZ -103dBm 5MHz -84dBm(10Mbps)
5MHZ -104dBm 5MHz  -94dBm(5Mbps)
3MHZ -106dBm 3MHz -87dBm(5Mbps)
3MHz -98dBm(2Mbps)
2MHz -84dBm(2Mbps)
1.4Ghz 1427.9-1447.9MHz
800Mhz 806-826MHz
2.4Ghz 2401.5-2481.5 MHz
Communication Mode Unicast, multicast, broadcast
Transmission Mode Full Duplex
Networking Mode Dynamic Routing Automatically updat routes based on real-time link conditions
Network Control State Monitoring Connection status /rsrp/ snr/distance/ uplink and downlink throughput
System Management WATCHDOG: all system-level exceptions can be identified, automatic reset
Re-transmission L1 Determine whether to retransmit based on the different data being carried.  (AM/UM); HARQ retransmits
L2 HARQ retransmits
RF 2 x IPX
Ethernet 3xEthernet
Serial Port 2x RS232
Power Input 2*Power Input(alternative)
Command Interface AT command configuration Support VCOM port/UART and other ports for AT command configuration
Configuration Management Support configuration via WEBUI, API, and software
Working Mode TCP server mode
TCP client mode
UDP mode
UDP multicast
When set as a TCP server, the serial port server waits for computer connection.
When set as a TCP client, the serial port server actively initiates a connection to the network server specified by the destination IP.
TCP server, TCP client, UDP, UDP multicast, TCP server/client coexistence, MQTT
Baud Rate 1200, 2400, 4800, 7200, 9600, 14400, 19200, 28800, 38400, 57600, 76800, 115200, 230400, 460800
Transmission Mode Pass-through mode
Temperature -40℃~+80℃
Weight 26grams
Dimension 60*55*5.7mm
Stability MTBF≥10000hr

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