8km Long Range UAVs Dual IP Camera Video Transmitter with Mavlink Telemetry Data link

Model: Model: FNS-8408

FNS-8408 UAVs dual IP camera video transmitter offers TCPIP/UDP signal and bi-directional Data wireless transmitting for 7-8km. The air unit is only 65g(2.3oz) and it can be easily integrated into any type of UAV, including multirotor, fixed-wing and VTOL.

FNS-8408 is an all-in-one drone data link that provides a convenient combined solution for ultra low-latency transmission of video, control and telemetry signals. It provides three LAN ports for IP camera and other IP data input and one full duplex serial port for users to connect drone flight controllers.

To avoid the interference, FNS-8408 provides 800Mhz and 1.4Ghz frequency options. The UHF frequency and COFDM technology enable FNS-8408 have NLOS ability to wireless transmit the full hd video to ground control station. 


Product Detail


FNS-8408 mini drone transmitter and receiver utilizes TDD-COFDM technology and high sensitivity to ensure stable wireless linking in urban and cluttered environments. In order to avoid the crowded 2.4Ghz, FNS-8408 works in 800Mhz and 1.4Ghz frequency bands.


Drone Communication + Video Processing & Analytics




Embedded bi-directional data link for autonomous UAVs and drones




CNC technology double aluminum alloy housings featured, good impact resistance and heat dissipation.



➢ Frequency Option: 800Mhz,1.4Ghz

➢ Video Input Interface: Ethernet RJ45 Port

➢ Both 1400Mhz and 800Mhz have penetrate ability for barriers

➢ Supports Pixhawk2/cube/V2.4.8/4 and Apm 2.8

➢ Support Ground Software: Mission planner and QGround

➢ 1* Serial Ports: Bi-directional Data Transmission

➢ 2* Antennas: Dual Tx antenna and Dual Rx antenna

➢ 3*100Mbps Ethernet port support 2way TCP/UDP and IP Camera access to

➢ 1/4inch screw hole on Tx for fixing on UA

➢ Mini size and Super light weight: Overall Dimension: 5.7 x 5.55 x 1.57 CM,Weight: 65g



Various Ports

FNS-8408 digital UAV video link offers three LAN ports and one bi-directional serial port. With the LAN ports, users can get full hd IP video stream and connect with airborne PC for TCPIP/UDP data. With the serial port, the pilot can control the flight with pixhawk in real time.

Various ports of UAV digital data link


Super lightweight(65g) embedded bi-directional data link specially designed to enable autonomous operations for commercial and industrial drones.


Features an advanced proprietary encryption mechanism AES128 to prevent unauthorized access to your wireless video feed, and it is also compatible with a wide range of flight controllers, mission software and payloads.


Drones with real time wireless video streaming link have a variety of applications in photography, surveillance, agriculture, disaster rescue and transporting food in remote or difficult area of cities.



Frequency 800Mhz 806~826 MHz
1.4Ghz 1428~1448 MHz
Bandwidth 8MHz
RF Power 0.4Watt
(Bi-Amp, 0.4watt Peak Power of each power amplifier)
Transmit Range 800Mhz: 7km
1400Mhz: 8km
Transmit Rate 6Mbps (Video Stream, Ethernet Signal and serial data share)
The best video stream: 2.5Mbps
Baud Rate 115200bps(Adjustable)
Rx Sensitivity -104/-99dbm
Fault Tolerance Algorithm Wireless baseband FEC forward error correction
Video Latency The video not be compressed. No latency
Link Rebuild Time <1s
Modulation Uplink QNSK/Downlink QNSK
Encryption AES128
Start Time 15s
Power DC-12V (7~18V)
Interface 1. Interfaces on Tx and Rx are same
2. Video input/Output: Ethernet×3
3. Power Input Interface×1
4. Antenna Interface: SMA×2
5. Serial×1: (Voltage:+-13V(RS232), 0~3.3V(TTL)
Indicators 1. Power
2. Ethernet Status Indicator
3. Wireless Connection Setup Indicator x 3
Power Consumption Tx: 4W
Rx: 3W
Temperature Working: -40 ~+ 85℃
Storage: -55 ~+85℃
Dimension Tx/Rx: 57 x 55.5 x 15.7 mm
Weight Tx/Rx: 65g
Design CNC Technology
Double Aluminum Alloy Shell
Conductive anodizing craft

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