1.4GHz and 800Mhz 16km TCPIP and UDP Long Range HD Video Transmission System for IP Camera

Model: FNM-8416

FNM-8416 uav video transmitter is an end-to-end encrypted low latency hd video transmission system for drones utilizing COFDM technology. It offers full hd IP camera video-link and a bi-directional command and control data link specifically designed for commercial and industrial drones and autonomous UAV systems. The Integrated Data Link System (FNM-8416) is an advanced single unit digital data link system specifically designed for providing reliable broadband communications under high-dynamics for critical UxV applications such as UAV, Drones, and other critical platforms which are sensitive to Size, Weight and Power (SWaP). FNM-8416 is only weighs 65g/2.3oz and it adopts private COFDM protocol, features long range transmission, high sensitivity and high throughput for 14-16km air to ground range.

Product Detail


● 14-16km wireless transmission distance

● 1080P HD images with low latency

● Dual Tx antenna and Rx antenna for stable signal transmission

● Proprietary COFDM protocol optimized for wireless video transmission

● Micro size and light weight single unit solution and only weighs 65g/2.3oz

● AES128 bit encryption implemented on FPGA

● Three Ethernet RJ45 Port for multiple IP payloads

● The Ethernet ports support 2 way TCPIP/UDP data transmitting

● Both 1400Mhz and 800Mhz support NLOS communication

● Low level re-transmission and adaptive frequency hopping for anti-interference

● TDD bi-directional link with video/telemetry

● UHF 800Mhz and 1.4Ghz for option

● Low power consumption 5W(Tx) and 3.5W(Rx)

● High temperature working 

long range camera transmitter

● Robust Long Distance Wireless Communication

The low-power RF solution(500mw) which includes the advanced frequency hopping algorithm and the remarkable anti-interference technology makes the communication distance up to 16 kilometers.

● Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum(FHSS) for Anti-interference

IWAVE team has its own algorithms and mechanisms for frequency hopping.

During operation, the FNM-8416 digital data link internally calculates and evaluates the current link based on received signal strength RSRP, signal-to-noise ratio SNR, bit error rate SER and other factors. If the judgment condition is satisfied, frequency hopping is performed and an optimal frequency point is selected from the list.

● Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM)

Effectively eliminate multipath interference in long-distance transmission

● Ideal for urban and industrial environments

N-LOS communication provides a powerful radio signal while countering interference and overcoming blind spots.

● AES128 Encryption Protection

Prevents the malicious attacks and unauthorized access your video feed in real time without operator intervention.

Various Ports

FNM-8416 the 1.4Ghz and 800Mhz data and video link supports UART data input and is also equipped with 3 LAN port. Via them users can connect UAV, drones or other unmanned aircraft platform with onboard PC, IP camera or other IP payloads.

Various ports of UAV digital data link


FNM-8416 800Mhz and 1.4Ghz datalink is designed to be a professional transmitting and receiving link for drones and uav on industrial application, such as aerial mapping, routing inspection and wildlife protection . It is applied with a brand new RF modulation technology which supports an anti-interference long communication distance at very low transmitting power.



Frequency 800Mhz 806~826 MHz
1.4Ghz 1428~1448 MHz
Bandwidth 8MHz
RF Power 0.6watt(Bi-Amp, 250mw average power of each power amplifier)
Transmit Range 800Mhz: 16km1400Mhz: 14km
Transmit Rate 6Mbps (Video Stream, Ethernet Signal and serial data share)The best video stream: 2.5Mbps
Baud Rate 115200bps(Adjustable)
Rx Sensitivity -104/-99dbm
Fault Tolerance Algorithm Wireless base band FEC forward error correction
Video Latency The video not be compressed. No latency
Link Rebuild Time <1s
Modulation Uplink QNSK/Downlink QNSK
Encryption AES128
Start Time 15s
Power DC-12V (718V)
Interface 1. Interfaces on Tx and Rx are same
2. Video input/Output: Ethernet×3
3. Power Input Interface×1
4. Antenna Interface: SMA×2
5. Serial×1: (Voltage:±13V(RS232), 0~3.3V(TTL)
Indicators 1. Power
2. Ethernet Status Indicator
3. Wireless Connection Setup Indicator x 3
Power Consumption Tx: 5WRx: 3.5W
Temperature Working: -40 ~+ 85℃Storage: -55 ~+85℃
Dimension Tx/Rx: 57 x 55.5 x 15.7 mm
Weight Tx/Rx: 65g
Design CNC Technology
Double Aluminum Alloy Shell
Conductive anodizing craft

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