High Power Outdoor Industrial Grade LTE Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

Model: Knight-F10

CPE configures LTE and Wi-Fi modules inside, so that it can access LTE network through the LTE module in the uplink, and provide Wi-Fi access function through the WiFi module in the downlink.

It is applied for mobile or fixed installation scenes, which require forwarding LTE private network signals via wired and wireless routers.

The industrial-grade outdoor CPE gateway is used for outdoor installation to convert the network of the base station into a wireless network, providing high-definition audio and video image transmission and data service transmission for the terminal, or for wireless interconnection and networking between the base station and the base station. The 10W CPE can provide a longer wireless transmission distance.

Product Detail


 • Long range communication in emergency events.


• Video, data, voice transmission and wifi function to connect with the trunking handset.


• LTE 3GPP standards.


• Supports multiple uplink to downlink ratio configurations.


• Waterproof, anti-dust and anti-shock.





High Performance
The Knight-F10 supports multiple uplink to downlink ratio configurations, including 3:1 for streaming data-intensive uplink services such as video surveillance and data collection.



• Strong Protection
The Knight-F10 is built to withstand extreme weather conditions and meet industry requirements for protection from shock, water, and dust.




• Multi-Frequency
The Knight-F10 has a built-in DHCP server and provides DNS client and Network Address Translation (NAT) services for flexible networking options. The Knight-M2 offers a wide range of licensed and unlicensed mobile access frequencies(400M/600M/1.4G/1.8G) to accommodate existing broadband resources.



Model Knight-F10
Network Technology TD-LTE
Frequency Band  400M/600M/1.4G/1.8G
Channel bandwidth 20MHz/10MHz/5MHz
Number of channels 1T2R,support MIMO
RF Power
Receiving sensitivity ≮-103dBm
Throughout UL:≥30Mbps,DL:≥80Mbps
Interface LAN,WLAN
levels of protection IP67
Power 12V DC
Temperature (operating) -25°C ~ +55°C
Humidity(operating) 5%~95% RH
Air pressure range 70kPa~106kPa
Installation method Support outdoor installation, pole installation, wall installation
Heat dissipation method Natural heat dissipation

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