Tactical Body-Worn IP MESH Radio

Model: FD-6705BW

FD-6705BW broadband wireless MANET Mesh Transceiver in a rugged body worn form, which is designed to quickly establish a reliable network when communications infrastructure does not exist or is not reliable and lives are on the line.

FD-6705BW comes with PTT headsets, helmet cameras, WIFI, 4G and GPS. Standard IP and RS232 interface are also available. The FD-6705BW supports a variety of different camera interfaces including HDMI and IP.

With a wide range of video, data and audio connectivity, It provides wider communication coverage to ensure stable connectivity for public safety, major events, emergency response, field operation, and more.

Teams equipped with the FD-6705BW will stay connected and share critical information as assignments unfold, which enables each members see, hear, and coordinate their team.

Product Detail


L-MESH Technology

 FD-6705BW is developed and designed based on IWAVE’s MS-LINK technology.


 Different from the wifi or cofdm technology, MS-LINK technology is developed by IWAVE’s R&D team. It is a powerful blend of the LTE terminal standard technology and Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) to deliver reliable, high bandwidth, meshed video and data communications in challenging conditions.


 Based on the original LTE terminal standard technologies stipulated by 3GPP, such as physical layer, air interface protocol, etc., IWAVE's R&D team designed the time slot frame structure, proprietary waveform for the centerless network architecture. Each FD-6710BW is an independent wireless terminal node without central control.


 FD-6705BW not only has the technical advantages of the LTE standard, such as high spectrum utilization, high sensitivity, wide coverage, high bandwidth, low latency, and strong anti-multipath and anti-interference characteristics.
At the same time, it also has the characteristics of high-efficiency dynamic routing algorithm, priority selection of the best transmission link, fast link reconstruction and route reorganization.


See, Hear, and Coordinate Your Team
●Teams equipped with the FD-6705BW will be able to keep connected and share critical information with the team members as the mission unfolds. Track everyone’s positions via the integrated GNSS, voice communicate with each members to coordinate the mission and capture the HD video to investigate the situation.


Cross Platform Connectivity
●FD-6705BW can connect with all present IWAVE's MESH models, which allows the end users on land to to automatically mesh with manned and unmanned vehicles, UAVs, maritime assets and infrastructure nodes to create a robust connectivity.


Real Time Video

●FD-6705BW offers a variety of different camera interfaces including HDMI and IP. With the IWAVE provided special HDMI cable to connect a helmet camera


Push To Talk(PTT)
●FD-6705BW comes with a simplified push to talk that allows voice communication with other team members to share the critical information.

Physical Characteristics

Rich Interfaces
●PTT Port
●HDMI Port
●LAN Port
●RS232 Port

●4G Antenna Connector
●Wifi Antenna Connector
●User-define Connector
●GNSS Antenna Connector
●Dual RF Antenna Connectors
●Power Charge

Easy To Carry And Deploy

●312*198*53mm (without antenna)

●3.8 kg (with battery)

●Robust handle for easy carry

●Deployable on the back or vehicle


Stylish Yet Sturdy

●Magnesium-aluminum alloy case

●State-of-the-art craftsmanship

●Anti-corrosion, anti-drop, and anti-heat

Various Power Supplies

●7000ma battery (8-hour continuous working, buckle design, fast-charging)

●Vehicle power

●Solar energy


Intuitive And Audible
●Power level indicator
●Network status indicator


Mission Commander


Mission Command Platform


●Visual Command and Dispatching Platform For IP MESH Solution (CDP-100) is an advanced software suite that runs on a desktop or tablet.

●It combines visual intercom technology, real-time video transmission technology and GIS positioning technology to display voice, images, videos, data and the positioning of each MESH node through a single interface.
●It provides the vital information required to make informed real-time decisions.


General Mechanical
Technology MESH based on TD-LTE Technology Standard Temperature -20º to +55ºC
Encription ZUC/SNOW3G/AES(128)Layer-2 Encryption Color Black
Date Rate 30Mbps(uplink+downlink) Dimension 312*198*53mm
Sensitivity 10MHz/-103dBm Weight 3.8kg
Range 2km-10km(nlos ground to ground) Material Anodized Aluminum
Node 16nodes Mounting Bodyworn
Modulation QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM Power Input DC18-36V
Anti-jamming Automatically frequency hopping Power Consumption 45W
RF Power 5Watts Protection Grade IP65
Latency 20-50ms Anti-Vibration Anti-vibration design for fast moving
Frequency Antenna
1.4Ghz 1427.9-1447.9MHz Tx 4dbi omni antenna
800Mhz 806-826 MHz Rx 6dbi omni antenna
UART 1 x RS232 LAN 1xRJ45
RF 2 x N Type Connector HDMI 1 x HDMI video port
GPS/Beidou 1 x SMA WIFI Antenna 1 x SMA
Indicator Battery level and network quality 4G Antenna 1 x SMA
PTT 1xPush To Talk Power Charge 1x Power input

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