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  • NLOS Wireless Video Transmitter
  • IP MESH Radio
  • Drone Video Transmitter
  • Emergency Communication Solution

NLOS Wireless Video Transmitter

Advanced Wireless Video & Control Data Links for Robotics, UAV, UGV

Embedded module for Integration into unmanned systems.
IP based HD video & control data transmitting in NLOS environment.
Autonomous unmanned system swarm management & control
Tri-band (800Mhz/1.4Ghz/2.4Ghz)adjustable
Point to point, Point-to-Multipoint and MESH
Data Rates>80 Mbps

  • Embedded IP MESH Module

  • 120Mbps Robotics OEM Module

  • NLOS UGV Digital Data Link

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Create Powerful, Secure Networks Anywhere For Teams On Move

Data, video, voice communicate anywhere.
Connect individual unit members through a mobile ad-hoc network
See, hear, and coordinate your team
NLOS long-range for high data throughput
Keeping individuals, teams,vehicles and unmanned systems connected

  • Handheld IP MESH

  • Vehicle IP MESH

  • Outdoor IP MESH

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Drone Video Transmitter

50km Airborne HD Video and Flight Control Data Downlink

30-50ms End to End Delay
800Mhz, 1.4Ghz, 2.4Ghz, 2.3Ghz Frequency Option
Mobile MESH and IP Communications
Wireless Link P2P, P2MP, Relay, and MESH
Compatible with IP Camera, SDI Camera, HDMI Camera
Air to ground 50km
AES128 Encryption
Unicast, Multicast, and Broadband

  • UAV Swarm Communications

  • 50km Drone Video Transmitter

  • 50km IP MESH UAV Downlink

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Emergency Communication Solution

Stream Voice & Data Via an “Infrastructureless” Network For Emergency Search and Rescue

IWAVE fast deployment communication solutions, including broadband LTE system and narrowband MANET radios, set up a secure, non-of-sight wireless link-on-demand to enable front-line responders to communicate with on-site command center in complicated environment. The network deployment is flexible and Infrastructureless.

  • Narrowband MANET Radio

  • Solar Powered Base Station

  • Command & Dispatch Platform

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about us

IWAVE is a manufacture in China that develops, designs and produces industrial-grade fast deployment wireless communication devices, solution, software, OEM modules and LTE wireless communication devices for robotic systems, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) , connected teams, government defense and other type communication systems.

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    Why Choose Us?

    • Self-developed L-MESH technology
      Self-developed L-MESH technology
    • Professional R&D Team for ODM and OEM
      Professional R&D Team for ODM and OEM
    • 16-Year Experience
      16-Year Experience

    Case Study

    Portable Moblie Ad hoc Network Radio Emergency Box enhances interoperability between military and public safety forces. It provides end users with Mobile ad-hoc networks for a self-healing, mobile and flexible network.
    Solving the interconnection challenge on the move. Innovative, reliable, and secure connectivity solutions are now needed due to the increase in demand for unmanned and continuously connected systems worldwide. IWAVE is a leader in the development of wireless RF Unmanned Communication systems and possesses the skills, expertise, and resources to help all sectors of the industry overcome these obstacles.
    In December 2021, IWAVE authorize Guangdong Communication Company to do the peformance testing of FDM-6680. The testing includes Rf and transmission performance, data rate and latency, communication distance, anti-jamming ability, networking ability.
    IWAVE IP MESH vehicular radio solutions offer broadband video communication and narrowband real time voice communication function to users in challenging, dynamic NLOS environments, as well as for BVLOS operations. It makes the mobile vehicles turned into powerful mobile network nodes. IWAVE vehicle communication system make individuals, vehicles, Robotics and UAV connected with each other. We are entering the age of collaborative combat where everything is connected. Because the real-time information has the power to enable leaders to make better decisions one-step ahead and assured of victory.
    Jincheng New Energy Materials needed to update the legacy manual inspection to unmanned robotics system inspection of the energy material transfer pipeline in occluded and very complex environments at its mining and processing plant. IWAVE wireless communication solution not only delivered the wider coverage, increased capacity, better video and data real-time services required, but it was also enable the robotic to do simple maintenance activities or surveys on the pipe.
    What’s the MANET (A Mobile Ad-hoc Network)? A MANET system is a group of mobile (or temporarily stationary) devices which need to provide the ability to stream voice, data, and video between arbitrary pairs of devices utilizing the others as relays to avoid the need for infrastructure.   &nb...

    Products Video

    IWAVE FD-6100 IP MESH Module Wireless Transmitting HD Video For 9km

    FD-6100—off-the shelf and OEM integrated IP MESH Module.
    Long Range Wireless Video and Data Links for the unmanned vehicle Drones, UAV, UGV, USV. Strong and stable NLOS ability in complex environment such indoor, underground, dense forest.
    Tri-band(800Mhz/1.4Ghz/2.4Ghz) adjustable via software.
    Software for real time topology display.

    IWAVE Handheld IP MESH Radio FD-6700 Demonstrated in Mountains

    FD-6700—Handheld MANET Mesh Transceiver offering a wide range of video, data and audio.
    Communication in NLOS and complex environment.
    Teams on-the-move operate in challenging mountain and jungles environment.
    Who require the tactical communication equipment has good flexibility and strong NLOS transmission ability.

    Teams with Handheld IP MESH Radio Work Inside Buildings

    A demonstration video to simulate law enforcement officials carry out task inside buildings with video and voice communication between inside buildings and monitor center outside buildings.
    In the video, each people hold an IWAVE IP MESH Radio and cameras to communicate with each other. Via this video, you will see the wireless communication performance and video quality.